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Signature Products Presentation

Signature Products Presentation

Our Signature Products are following a “no compromise on quality” policy. Each goodness is made with Organic ingredients, and does NOT contain GMO Foods, Preservatives, Colourants, Refined Sugars, Pesticides, or any harmful substance.

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Superfood Smoothie Mix “Full Nutrition”

Superfood Smoothie Mix Full Nutrition

We are very proud to present our best seller, all categories combined, the Superfood Smoothie Mix “Full Nutrition”!

Superfood Smoothie Mix "Full Nutrition"

It is no coincidence that this mixture of several superfoods is so successful. Full Nutrition contains no less than 6 different superfoods. …

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Kefir Probiotics, the friendly bacteria for our gut

Kefir Probiotics the friendly bacteria

What are Kefir Probiotics?

The term “Probiotic” literally means ‘for life’ in Greek and it refers to live bacteria. Kefir Probiotics fulfils this.

Most of the bacteria in the human system are friendly bacteria. They are essential to help you …