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The human body, the most fantastic machine in existence.

Most machines are designed to do only one or two jobs. But the parts of the fantastic human body machine work so well together that you can do all kinds of different things. And many at the same time! Nobody has ever been able to invent one machine that could do things your body can do. Not even half the things! And no other machine can think up new ideas, change its mind or make jokes.

The human body, the most fantastic machine in existence

Your body machine is a complex organization of parts and systems. They generally function cooperatively to keep you in proper working order. Our heart and brain are the CEO partners in charge of operations. Your brain acts as the “brains” and your heart is the “brawn.”

No one truly understands all of the many mysteries of the human body. But we do know it’s no simple task being you. If you think you’ve been busy lately and at the effect of time, consider all the other things your body does every 24 hours.

How Your Body Machine Heals Itself

Requirements of Health

The optimum state of function that we call health is spontaneously generated by the human organism. But it happens when our body is provided with the requirements of health. The requirements of health can be conveniently classified into four general categories: Diet – Environment – Activity – Psychology

The human body the most fantastic machine in existence. Responsibilities of the human body every 24 hours
Human Body Responsibilities

When the requirements of health are appropriately provided, the self-healing mechanisms of the body attempt to restore and/or optimize health. Your body’s ability to do this is only limited by your inherent constitution (genetics). Then the amount of use and abuse that has taken place.


Your body is constantly exposed to chemicals, toxins, pollutants, and other stressors. In addition, simple organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites are capable of invading the human body. Therefore they using it as a source of nourishment. Fortunately, the healthy human body has defenses against invasion by these organisms. These defenses comprise the immune system which can do the healing job. But only if the host got the proper nutrients.

How to feed this fantastic body machine?

You just need to set up an eating plan that focuses on efficiency. This includes a few simple steps. However you’ll need some simple switches in your diet.

  1. Make sure you get a well-balanced diet that contains the following nutritional content:
  2. CARBS (330g daily): Dietary fiber rich foods, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables
  3. PROTEIN (100g daily): Meat, fish, egg, dairy, plants, vegetables
  4. GOOD FATS (75g daily): (fatty fishes, vegetable oils, seeds…)
  5. WATER (2000g daily): Choose a high quality living water
  6. VITAMINS (<300mg daily): Fruits, vegetables, superfoods, supplements…
  7. MINERALS (5-10g daily): Vegetables, plants, herbs, superfoods, supplements…
The human body the most fantastic machine in existence. The nutrients that our body needs
Body need

Swap out Unhealthy Fats

Unhealthy fats can cause chronic inflammation. Try to avoid hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, trans fats and refined vegetable oils. They may contribute to conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Remove Refined Sugars and Refined Grains

During refining process grains are stripped of many important vitamins and minerals. So we get a final product high in calories, carbs and sugar, but lacking in essential nutrients.

In short, avoid all “white” stuff. White rice, pasta and noodles for example are low in the important micro-nutrients. Swapping these foods out for healthy whole grain is great alternative. It is always better to choose whole grain source. Then you squeeze some extra vitamins and minerals into your diet to support healing.

Keep in touch with us and get more knowledge

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