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The body is about 70% Water. What is your fuel?

Let’s start by saying that any water, since it is eduble, is far healthier than any fizzy drink or alcohol. Actually there is nothing better than water. And Living Water is one of the best!

Safe but “dead” water

Most of water filtration systems, such as distillation and reverse osmosis (RO), effectively remove most toxic elements. But also many useful and beneficial elements, such as oxygen, hydrogen and minerals.

Many bottled water companies are opting for simpler RO systems, which are operated on municipal water sources. Then they treat it with trace amounts of ozone to provide sterilization. The finished water product in many cases is devoid of the necessary levels of elements needed to support life.

One of these elements is hydrogen, so let’s see how it is important to our body.

Living Water 7.6l container

Hydrogen Benefits

Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element in the Universe, but is seldom regarded as a therapeutic agent.

Most people’s bodies almost completely lack Hydrogen molecules and free atoms. It means their bodies lack hydrogen molecules and atoms that are unbound to other elements.

Why our bodies lack Active Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is rarely found in a chemically unbound condition in plants, rocks, atmosphere or in naturally occurring water. Hydrogen is indeed so light and always escapes into the atmosphere and then into space.

Hundreds of Studies about Hydrogen

There are over 500 peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate Hydrogen to exert powerful therapeutic benefits for over 170 health conditions. And infusing hydrogen gas into drinking water is the most convenient method to consistently get the benefits.

Recent evidence has shown that hydrogen is a potent anti-oxidative, anti-apoptotic and anti-inflammatory agent and so may have potential medical applications in cells, tissues and organs.

You can find more information about these studies here

How to get Hydrogen to our Bodies?

There are several methods to administer hydrogen, such as:

  • Inhalation of hydrogen gas
  • Aerosol inhalation of a hydrogen-rich solution
  • Drinking hydrogen dissolved in water, injecting hydrogen-rich saline (HRS) and taking a hydrogen bath.

Drinking hydrogen solution (saline/pure water/other solutions saturated with hydrogen) may be more practical in daily life and more suitable for daily consumption.

What is “Hydrogen-Rich-Water”?

“Hydrogen-Rich Water” or hydrogenated water contains active hydrogen ions that act as powerful antioxidants in your body. The ions help eliminate oxygen free radicals that contribute to the development of illness and ultimately are responsible for the aging process.   Our body takes in the H2 and convert it into hydrogen anions, H-. or commonly termed as  active hydrogen. Active Hydrogen is a powerful anti-oxidant as it is able to remove the active oxygen in our body. Active oxygen is the cause of many types of chronic diseases. Molecular hydrogen also has anti-inflammatory effect besides its antioxidant properties.  Inflammation is a silent killer that caused many chronic diseases. Hydrogen has also been found to have anti-tumor effect.

HealtHut Living Water

Living Water

The good thing with water filtration systems is you can now customize your water, getting rid of harmful elements (such as fluoride or aluminum) and adding what you want to make it healthier.

Like any others, our water first follow several restructuring treatments. But then it is enriched with hydrogen and oxygen molecules, energy and minerals. There are actually nine post restructuring treatments that other available water brands don’t offer.

But while the healthy part is obviously the main thing, you may enjoy its unique taste and the way it hydrates the whole body.

Keeping the best for the end, you’ll be glad to know that you can get his water for about the same price than common brands available in your convenient store, around 16 baht per liter (available in 7.6l gallon)!

And like always with any of our products, you can come to our store to try it!


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