Body Detox, the Great Cleansing the Body Needs

Why do we need to detoxify our body? Facts Much of the food we eat contains harmful substances. Pesticides, herbicides, dyes, preservatives, flavorings, stabilizers, processing chemicals, artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, and even tranquilizers are found in most of our food. On top of that, most conventionally packaged foods have been over-processed and therefore devitalized of … Continue reading Body Detox, the Great Cleansing the Body Needs

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Welcome to our Blog

"We're glad to present you this blog section dedicated to health, wellness and of course nutrition. In HealtHut we believe education is a key to reach an optimal health. So through our articles, we will introduce the different ways that nutrition offers us to maintain or regain excellent health. It will help you to prevent … Continue reading Welcome to our Blog