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Detox Program

Detox Program

Our Detox Program

A Detox Program is the most efficient way to get rid of Virus, Pathogenic Bacteria and Heavy Metals!

Highly recommended in case of:

* Food Poisoning

* Infection/Pollution

* Digestives Issues

* Auto Immune Diseases

* Chronic Fatigue

* Liver/Colon Disorders

* Overweight/Fat

* Stress/Depression

* And many more

Think about this:

For years we've accumulated huge amounts of harmful substances from our food and our environment and it is not that easy to remove them.

Once or twice a day we brush our teethes but how about our gut?

Following a Detox Program 3-4 times a year is the best way to keep bad guys away and to offer you a vibrant health!

Our Detox Program Products

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Detox Coffee Pack

Detox Coffee Pack
Size: 10x14g Sachets
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Detox Program

Detox FULL Program - 7 days
(NO beverages)
Price: ฿5,234

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Colon Cleanse set

Colon Cleanse set

Price: ฿195

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Detox Program