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Healthy Snacks

Skin Care Products

HealtHut proposes a large range of healthy snacks natural products that are a perfect alternative to poor nutrition products available today on the market.

Choosing organic & natural is not only good for our planet but more over, it is good for a better health and a longer life.

Our Healthy Snacks Products

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Crispy Snack 120g

Choco Protein Balls
Size: 108g
Price: ฿221

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Crispy Snack 1kg

Crispy Snack
Size: 120g
Price: ฿150

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Granola Premium 1kg

Granola Premium
Size: 300g
Price: ฿290

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Granola Premium 1kg

Super Bread Stick
Size: 45g
Price: ฿125

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These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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