Chlorella (Powder) 150g


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Chlorella is a freshwater algae, well known because of its unusually high chlorophyll content – the highest of any known plant.  Chlorella, it can also be of benefit to vegetarians and vegans. Almost 60 percent of chlorella is protein and it contains all the essential amino acids your body needs thus making it a “complete protein.”


* Improves digestion and helps with constipation
* Boosts immune system and cleanses the blood, promoting optimal blood pressure * Relieves in ammation and reduces pain in bromyalgia
* Helps with mold elimination HealtHut
* Effective for hormone balance
* Increases white blood cell count
* Detox  harmful radiation and supports removal of heavy metals * Reduces body odor
* Prevents release of histamine
* Helps tissue growth & repair
* Increase T-Cells and B-Cells