Full Nutrition Mix – 30 Servings


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Full Nutrition is a mix of six Superfood in powder form, that you can prepare as meal replacement. It contains organic Alfalfa, Cacao Raw, Pea Protein, Spirulina, Moringa and Wheatgrass. Full Nutrition provides a large range of nutrients you need such as Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Protein, Phyto Nutrients and more.

Full Nutrition will boost your energy level, Weight loss, digestion, cells health and liver health.


Full Nutrition

  • Meal replacement
  • Energy level
  • Weight loss
  • Digestion
  • Cells Health
  • Liver Health

How to use : You can replace one up to two meals a day with the Full Nutrition Smoothie Mix, depending if you’re on a weight loss or weight control program. Add two level measuring spoons of “Full Nutrition” powder in a blender and mix with water or any healthy beverage such as Kefir water, kombucha or fresh fruit juice. Shake it and drink!