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Superfood Smoothie Mix “Full Nutrition”

We are very proud to present our best seller, all categories combined, the Superfood Smoothie Mix “Full Nutrition”!

Superfood Smoothie Mix "Full Nutrition"

It is no coincidence that this mixture of several superfoods is so successful. Full Nutrition contains no less than 6 different superfoods. Each of them contains very many nutrients that we rarely get in our daily diet. So this Superfood Smoothie mix provides a large amount of vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, and many more.

What the Superfood Smoothie Mix “Full Nutrition” can do for you?

Cellular Nutrition & Meal Replacement

If Full Nutrition is so effective, it is because it is cellular nutrition. With less than 90kcal per serving, your cells receive as many nutrients as the equivalent of several ordinary meals.

You can enjoy the Superfood Smoothie Mix Full Nutrition between meals or after exercise as a healthy snack. But thanks to its incredible nutritional value and its protein content, it can easily replace one to two meals a day. Therefore, Full Nutrition is very efficient for weight control.

What’s in it?

In a previous article we introduced you to Basic Nutrition. It contains 3 Superfoods that are Spirulina, Moringa and Wheatgrass. In Full Nutrition, we added 3 other products; Raw cocoa, Alfalfa and Pea protein. Let’s find out what these ingredients contain!


Superfood Smoothie Mix "Full Nutrition" - HealtHut Pea Protein

Pea protein powder — or pea protein isolate — is made by isolating the protein from ground yellow peas. You can typically use it to increase the protein content of your smoothies and shakes. It is a great fit for almost any diet since it’s naturally vegan and hypoallergenic.

Pea protein is a high-quality protein and a great source of iron. It can aid muscle growth, weight loss and heart health.

Nutrition facts

20 grams of Pea Protein Powder contains 80 Kcal, 15g of Protein, 1g of Carbs, 1g of Fiber, 1.5g of Fats, 230mg of Sodium and 5mg of Iron


  • High-Quality Protein Source: Pea protein contains all nine essential amino acids that your body cannot create and must get from food.
  • Pea protein powder is naturally vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and does not contain any of the top eight food allergens — peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, cow’s milk, wheat and soy. Therefore, it works with nearly any diet.
  • Pea protein also blends well with water and has a less gritty or chalky texture than other plant-based protein powders like hemp.
  • Builds Muscle Mass
  • Pea protein helps people feel fuller for longer than carbs or fat
  • Good for Heart Health


Superfood Smoothie Mix "Full Nutrition" - HealtHut Alfalfa

Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is an important foraging crop in countries around the world and sometimes Goes by the name Lucerne in Europe and other countries. Although it was originally cultivated in south-Central Asia, it has now become a globally recognized crop due to its impressive nutritional content and versatility in use.

Nutrition facts

With high levels of vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and a variety of proteins and other important minerals, adding alfalfa sprouts to salads and sandwiches is an easy way to give yourself a nutritious boost. The fiber content and nutritional profile that benefits animals are slightly different than the part of the plant humans tend to eat, but the value is clear.


  • Lowers Cholesterol Levels
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Improves Bowel Movements
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Detoxifies the Body
  • Respiratory Health
  • Protects the Heart


Superfood Smoothie Mix "Full Nutrition" - HealtHut Raw Cacao

Raw Cacao, not to be confused for cocoa, is made by cold-pressing raw cacao beans ensuring that no nutrients are lost by heat treating. Unlike cocoa which has been roasted and heavily processed, raw cacao maintains its high nutritional profile making it a superfood loaded with flavonoids and magnesium. Cacao is the perfect way to satisfy your cravings for chocolate without overloading your system with processed sugar. Load up on this superfood because there are several amazing health benefits of consuming raw cacao!

Nutrition facts

One serving (1 Tbsp or 14g) contains 2g of fat, 213.5mg of Potassium, 3g of Fiber, 1g of Protein. It also contains 70mg of magnesium, 1g of Zinc and 10mg of Calcium.


  • Combats Fatigue
  • Improves Mood and Balances Mood Swings
  • Prevents Premature Aging
  • Improves Digestion
  • Improves Cognitive Function
  • Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Wanna try the Full Nutrition Smoothie Mix?

As usual you’re always welcome to our place to try any of our product for free. Full Nutrition is easy to prepare: 2 measuring spoons of the mixture blended with kefir water, lime juice or other fruit juice and that’s it!


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